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  • IT Security Solutions
  • Technical Specialist in Information Security
  • Consulting and technical expertise
  • Data Loss Prevention implementation & Support

About Company

Argentra is recognized as a Technical Specialist in Information Security in the industry. Argentra provides consulting and technical expertise to other IT companies including large system integrators, resellers, IT distributors and software principals.

A successful information security project requires more than just a technical implementation. Our team understands operational risk management, the regulatory requirements (MAS TRM, PCI DSS, PDPA) to help clients to implement an information security solution that works.

A common issue that we have seen is customers who purchase expensive IT security solutions that don’t achieve the business objectives. The box is turned on, but the processes, user training, work flow, and fine tuning are not put in place. Argentra helps our clients with the security architecture to ensure that the right bits fit together, the implementation, and the post-implementation support.

For example, a Data Loss Prevention implementation is not just turning on the DLP software. It requires consultation skills to understand how the business, process, people, technology and risk mitigants work together to deliver a usable solution.

Our clients include Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Education, Hospitality and Retail. Argentra also provides technical expertise to System Integrators and Resellers.